Future of Design Education

Future of Design Education

Future of Design Education 

“Suitable situations for knowledge production: Maximum institutionalisation, total autonomy or something
in between? Is the concept of school remaining alive as an idea of one static construct, or will it rather become
a set of ideas, which could be continually invented? Are skills acquired through experience or is it education
that matters?”

Attending Depot Basel’s “forum for knowledge” workshop, alongside their exhibition at Vitra Design Museum,
allowed me to question current design education institutions parallel to my own education and alongside:
Zahra Ali Baba, Pablo Calderón Salazar, Nils Chudy, Demian Conrad, Jasmina Grase, Jing He, Lina-Marie Koeppen,
Simon Mager, Frederik Mahler-Andersen, Anja Neidhardt, Vera Sacchetti, Christian Schmitt, Sibylle Stoeckli,
Marjan van Aubel, Charlotte Van de Velde, Clara Vankerschaver, Will Yates-Johnson.

“A difference in opinion or view point wasn’t a clash but an enrichment of a notion.
It felt like we were talking together, not against each other.”

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