Taste The Now Nr. 3

Taste The Now Nr. 3

Cake Collage Crème de la Crème

Design & Photography

Cakes by Crème de la Crème
Salzkaramell Macaron
Zitronen Macaron
Mousse au Chocolat
Tarte á la Vanille
Cheesecake mit Mango Maracuja

Packaging concept

The packaging concept for this cake collage is designed by “3007”, a Vienna-based design studio founded by Eva Dranaz
and Jochen Fill. Since 1998 they have been working in the fields of g
raphic design, visual concept and screen design.
Their projects often balance between art, culture and science. With their incredible breadth of projects they have already won
many different awards, such as multiple European Design Awards, 100 best Poster awards, Red Dot Design Award, etc.

For this packaging concept 3007 created their own concept: “Vienna as live trap”. “The mouse-like cake is caught in a trap.
The mouse trap. The cake trap. The live trap Vienna. Traditions are holding us hostage every day. They tempt and lure,
until we are stuck in the cake of cultural networks. In this cage we feel safe. We are take care of, surrounded by sugar
and don’t fight it. Who is in the cage? Always the others.

The innovative has barely any space, it is locked away. The “new” is forced, until it finally becomes recognised as tradition.
Everything new becomes tradition. As long as we have tradition.

The “Vienna-syndrome” tempts to stay seated and watch. In the coffee houses a who day can pass by with a “Melange”,
cake and a glass of water. Remain seated. Sugar shock. The hours melt like chocolate. Vienna is sweet, sickly, but the
best place in the world.”