the school of cake

The School of Cake is a speculative design institution that aims at utilising the qualities of cake by combining culinary and aesthetic learning in order to develop a new understanding of cultural sharing, environmental and social awareness and new forms of dialogue.

The symbolism of cake classically encompasses notions of matrimony, celebrations of birthdays and other special days and even formal anniversaries, such as those commemorating diplomatic relations.

Alongside the progression of globalisation and capitalism, cake has become a universal symbol of comfort and indulgence, to the point of excess. What happens if we start rethinking cake as a material that can overcome boundaries. It is a staple and tradition that has survived social revisions and can now offer a path to relinking and rethinking stagnating power dynamics.

Current digital and analogue discoursive reality is often marked by miscommunication, lack of interest, divisions, fear and prejudice. Yet when a conversation turns to or is had with cake, people lighten up. A conversation around cake can tackle difficult content in a more relaxed manner, an atmosphere of comfort, where there is an immediate bond between those sharing a slice.

The following publication is a personal research conducted into cake as a political, social and emotional material as the basis of my concept for The School Of Cake.