Imagined Identities

Imagined Identities

Imagined Identities

I was standing in a supermarket checkout queue when I caught myself casually looking at the objects in front
of mine on the conveyor belt. I proceeded to glance up at the person who was about to buy them and without
realising I had already started to create a story around this person and their product consumption. Analysing
the “data” at hand – replacing reality with associated stereotypes.

In times of mass access to data we must question out interpretation of it. We are all biased in some way and the
systems we create are not excluded in this, but instead mimic our preconceptions. By creating imagines identities
from found receipts, thereby visualising personified consumption, I would like to express a reminder that our
in flux nature as people can never be fully defined by the rigid analysis of data. If we would change our perception
of data, we could start profiting from it and detach our emotional selves from the varying identities created
from our everyday statistics.