palais de tokyo

Co-curation with Collective1992 of seven projects of the Design Academy Eindhoven at Palais de Tokyo’s 2016 Do Disturb festival.

“Design is dead. Long live design. The designers behind these projects all have one thing in common: the capacity to doubt default options. These heirs to the throne of design are questioning the template. Their nonlinear ways and unexpected leaps reveal the underlying virtue of a 21st century creative. Compounded by an uninhabitable mind, they are searching for alternate forms of expression and meaning. Through constant observation and documentation we are experiencing never-ending normalisation and asphyxiation from visibility. In flux on-stage narratives leave little room for creative death, yet by shifting paradigms these designers make the throne obsolete.” – Collective1992

The projects we curated for Do Disturb included: The Era of Khaki by Studio Legrand J├Ąger, Dancers by Aurelie Hoegy, Surroutisnim by Deborah Janssens and Francois Bonnot, Domestic Theatre by Fiona Du Mesnildot, and Food&Care by Food Non Food students.