Taste The Now Nr. 1

Taste The Now Nr. 1

Cake Collage Fruth

Design & Photography

Cakes by Fruth
Himbeer Mousse
Fruth Praliné

Packaging Concept
Daniel Triendl

The packaging concept for this cake collage is by Daniel Triendl, an Austrian designer and illustrator, who often works with
strong contrasts and expressive colours. His illustrative style, which he often combines with animation techniques, gives
his designs a lively feel and creates new visual experiences. Daniel has already created illustrations and graphic work for
Coca Cola Korea, Vienna Airport, Washington Post and many more. 

Upon seeing the cake collage, Daniel’s first question was “How will it taste? Is it as fruity as it looks?” These questions guided
him to the idea to translate the taste experience to his packaging design. A mouth which shows the moment of consumption
and gustatory pleasure, as well as using the colours of the cake collage in the packaging itself.

Daniel created the packing dummy in collaboration with bookbinder Anna Weninger.