Taste The Now Nr.2

Taste The Now Nr.2

Cake Collage Café Central

Design & Photography

Cakes by Café Central
Veganer Beerenmix
Lemon Kiss
Schokospirale von Exotic Breeze

Packaging concept
Janar Siniloo

The packaging concept for this Cake Collage is by Janar Siniloo, a Berlin-based graphic designer with Estonian roots.
He has worked as editorial designer for the online magazine uncube, as graphic designer for the interdisciplinary Agency
Cee Cee and as packaging designer for sex-toy producer Amorelie. He is now embarking on a new career path as visual
and user experience designer. For this project though, he once again returned to paper.

Janar’s inspiration for this packaging originated from the architecture of Café Central as well as its strong connection to
Viennese tradition. The café, which was established in 1876, has a rounded ceiling with arches that culminate in pointed
alcoves. For the graphic concept Janar played with old newspaper prints, transforming them into three dimensional shapes
spheres before reprinting them on a flat surface again. Newspapers, and especially a newspaperstand, is an integral part of
every Viennese coffee house – no café would be complete without one.