Taste The Now Nr. 4

Taste The Now Nr. 4

Cake Collage Demel

Design & Photography

Cakes by Demel
Hausgemachte Makrone
Schokoladenplättchen mit Mozart-Aufdruck

Packaging concept
Kollektiv Plus Zwei

The packaging concept for this cake collage is by “Kollektiv Plus Zwei”, the Vienna-based product design duo, Stephanie Högl
and Matthias Borowski. Together they explore different materials and concepts in a playful way. Their experimental approach
help them create cheerful and tactile objects and furniture. Their work was already shown at the Trapholt Museum of Modern Art,
Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum as well as the Design Biennale Saint-Etienne.

For this packaging Kollektiv Plus Zwei used the main ingredient as their packaging: “Sugar.” “Sugar has been keeping the
profession of “baker” alive for centuries. It is this creative material which their craft is based on and the foundation upon
which the culture of the “Kaffeehaus” has been built and preserved and has been making lives sweeter ever since.

Sugar symbolically contains the entire cosmos and the meaning of the Viennese cake and coffee culture. It protects the craft of
the baker under a delicate cover. Under a sweet glass dome the cake is visibly distorted. It seems unreachable. Is it a tempting
illusion or is it real? Nearly unchanged the traditional recipes of old are kept and still used today. “Sugar” is meant as a conversation
starter: how can traditions be translated into modern times without loosing their essence? Under a glass dome there are controlled
conditions. What would happen if one would alter them and the cake would be exposed to unforeseeable circumstances?”